On October 1st we provided a flash mob choir on the first night of the live reading of Moby Dick at the Southbank Centre, part of the London Literary Festival. We sang a 4-part harmony version of the hymn The Ribs and Terror in the Whale written by Herman Melville, and specially arranged for the event by our conductor Hannah.  It was very dramatic! A small group also sang a beautiful Samoan lullaby Moe Moe Pepe to end the evening. The choir’s appearance went down very well with audience members on Twitter, and we loved performing it.

The whole four days of reading was streamed live to interested listeners around the world, and is now available to listen to on SoundCloud – so you can relive our two contributions by listening here, to the beginning of Chapter 9 and the end of Chapter 12, and maybe then even listen to the whole book!

And H

And here are a few photos from the evening